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We're a Giant Schnauzer kennel producing champion giant schnauzers for the family and confirmation show ring. HiStyle Giant Schnauzers are bred for excellence. HiStyle is dedicated to providing the finest Giant Schnauzers available. Our goal is to further and strengthen the giant schnauzer. We have puppy giant schnauzers and giant schnauzer young adults available on occasion. Champions producing champions!

Each pup is home-raised with temperament, structure & health all being important factors. HiStyle breeds both looks and brains. Temperament is as important as structure; not only do you need a structurally sound dog but also a mentally sound dog. This make for the intelligence, devotion, and guarding capabilities unique to the Giant Schnauzer.

For more information on our current litters please take a look at the litter section. We currently have a limited amount of pups available and are taking inquires. If you wish to inquire please call or email us.
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Giant Schnauzer
Giant Schnauzers bred for excellence
We have puppies and giant schnauzer young adults available on occasion.
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